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2018 Is a Critical Year for Illinoisans

  • 22.01.2018
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As we all know, 2018 is a critical year for Illinoisans and all Americans. A lot is at stake in this year’s elections and we want to make sure Illinoisans, and especially those ages 50 and older, have essential information at their disposal in order to make the best decisions for themselves, their loved ones, and their communities.

Trust in government is very low. Illinoisans are frustrated at the partisan bickering and gridlock of the last few years. Millions were hurt by the effects of going two years without a budget – the impact was felt across the state in services that were essential for working families, retired individuals, and individuals with disabilities, children, and many others.

Just because we had a budget in 2017, and even if we have one in 2018, it does not mean we are out of the woods. Illinois faces tremendous fiscal and financial challenges in the short, mid, and long term. And the decisions that we will make at the voting booth in November will have an impact in how our state addresses those challenges.

Openness is a fundamental feature of our democratic process. Openness means that information about officials and institutions needs to be in the hands of the public, in order to help citizens make informed decisions.

As a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, AARP’s mission is to educate and inform our membership (we have 1.7 million members in Illinois) as well as the general public about issues affecting them.

With this in mind, and responding to requests from our members, we are publishing our first-ever report on voting records covering the 2017 Legislative Session. Please find it attached to this blog post.

This report, which will be published annually and delivered to every member of the General Assembly and other elected officials, including the Governor, centers on bills identified by AARP Illinois as being of particular interest to those 50 plus, their families, caregivers, and communities.

All members of our Legislature have been advised as to the publication of this report.

The report was put together by our dedicated staff and volunteers, to whom I express my most heartfelt gratitude.

We encourage all who read this report to contact state legislators or the Governor directly to learn more in order to increase understanding of the legislation and the views of the lawmakers who voted on those bills.

To read the AARP Illinois 2017 Legislative Voting Record, please click here: LVR 2017 AARP IL


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