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It’s time for Illinoisans to say: ‘Enough is Enough!’

  • 13.09.2017
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We have a state budget, but we are far from being out the woods.

With nearly $15 billion in unpaid bills and an ongoing fiscal deficit, millions of Illinoisans of all ages have lost critical services, and all Illinoisans now face burdens with continuing fiscal uncertainty. We need a comprehensive budget solution that restores fiscal solvency.

AARP Illinois is working with NPR Illinois, affiliate stations, and Illinois Issues in an ongoing series of town hall forums that will conclude in mid-November in Edwardsville.

If you have joined us at one or more of our 11 forums, great and thank you! If not, we will continue mobilizing citizens to put pressure on elected officials through the end of the year, and throughout 2018.

Illinois still faces considerable challenges to resolve its fiscal health.  Our elected officials work is not done.  Don’t let them off the hook.  Call the Governor, Call your State Representative or State Senator and tell them to get work.

Stay tuned! We will provide continuous updates in this page and other spaces as we work hard to advocate for you and your loved ones!



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