is Enough


Why do we need Enough is Enough?

Illinois was without a balanced state budget for too long, and the impact was harshly felt across the state: from college students to working families and their children and from older residents to social service providers – every population group was been affected by depleted services and programs.

How do people in Illinois feel about the mess?

Illinoisans of all backgrounds in every corner, angry over the lack of a balanced state budget, took action to demand results from the Governor and the Illinois General Assembly. We do have a budget now, but we’re not out of the woods yet.

How big is the problem?

Even with a budget, Illinois is still far away from healthy finances that make life better for all its citizens. Residents are paying the highest property taxes in the nation, and paying increasing local and state fees, higher rates for utilities while struggling with an increasing cost of living. Additionally, many lost their jobs as businesses and social service agencies closed their doors or reduced their hours and became unable to further extend the credit used to cover the state’s unpaid bills.

So what now?

The impact to Illinois has been enormous. ALL members of the Illinois General Assembly, Executive office holders, and Governor Rauner must finally put politics aside and work to restore Illinois’ fiscal health once and for all - that includes paying $15 billion in accumulated debt, address our state’s overwhelming pension woes, and ensure citizens - especially vulnerable Illinoisans - have the programs and services they urgently need.

What's at stake?

Continuous and comprehensive action to restore our state’s fiscal stability and restores services to our citizens is VITAL to the future of our state. It’s vital for a secure retirement. It’s vital for our children and grandchildren’s education in schools and in higher education. It’s vital for our economy, jobs, and the success of our businesses. It’s vital for Illinoisans of all ages to love and take pride in their state.

What are we planning to do about it?

With Enough is Enough, AARP mobilized citizens to urge elected officials into action. And we’re not stopping there. Illinois must never go through a crisis like that again. We need you to continue raising your voice and holding elected officials accountable to results and long-term solutions.

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