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  • 06.22.2018
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WATCH-LISTEN: Seeking Solutions on Rural and Small Town Jobs – Galesburg

WATCH-LISTEN: Seeking Solutions on Rural and Small Town Jobs - Galesburg By SEAN CRAWFORD & NICE BOGDANOVICH • JUN 8, 2018 Illinois Issues Past Due Last year NPR Illinois ...

  • 06.22.2018
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Galesburg Register-Mail: Issues Forum focuses on solutions, opportunities

GALESBURG — A Thursday panel discussion that featured Galesburg community leaders focused on how Galesburg can seek creative solutions to the problem of a deteriorated workforce. Illinois NPR and AARP Illinois hosted and sponsored the discussio...

  • 06.07.2018
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WATCH-LISTEN: Seeking Solutions on Economic Development – Naperville

Watch this Illinois Issues Forum from Naperville.  Our 2018 election coverage continues with a discussion of economic development in the collar counties of Chicago and how the state issues influence their well-being. This forum is produced and ...

  • 06.07.2018
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AARP Illinois Statement On The Passage Of The Illinois Budget

With a budget in place, we hope Illinois’ debt will not increase and worsen the fiscal crisis. Considering Illinois’ unpaid bill backlog continues to hover around $6.5 billion, interest owed on unpaid bills exceeds $1 billion, long term debt is ov...

  • 05.28.2018
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Naperville Sun: Panelists, residents weigh in on state’s financial crisis

As Illinois lawmakers face a deadline to pass a new budget in less than 40 days, Naperville leaders and residents gathered for a town hall meeting at North Central College Thursday night to discuss the fiscal crisis

  • 05.16.2018
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WATCH-LISTEN: Seeking Solutions on State’s Fiscal Health

Watch the first Illinois Issues Forum from Springfield.  Our 2018 election coverage starts discussing the fiscal health of Illinois. This forum is produced and hosted by NPR Illinois with support provided by AARP Illinois. List...

  • Elections 2018: Seeking Fiscal Solutions - July 19 in Peoria

    - July 19, 2018
    Peoria City Hall, 419 Fulton St., Peoria

    Election 2018: Seeking Fiscal Solutions hosted by NPR Illinois & supported by AARP Illinois.  Join us for this free town hall forum on July 19 to share your ideas for solutions and concerns regarding Illinois’ ongoing fiscal crisis.  Click HERE to learn more and RSVP and learn more.

    A reception begins at 5:30 and the event begins at 6:00 p.m.