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  • 09.16.2018
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Join NPR and AARP on October 2 in Chicago: Elections 2018 – Seeking Solutions

For too long, the state of Illinois has suffered through a lengthy fiscal crisis that continues to impact all of its citizens.  When will state finances be restored and the state's debt burden be addressed? We must pressure candidates for offic...

  • 09.15.2018
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AARP Bulletin: Budget Woes Still Key Issue

Budget Woes Still Key Issue Posted on 09/1/2018 by TheAARPBulletin | AARP Illinois Theresa Collins, associate executive director of Senior Services Plus, stands in the greenhouse that supplies some of the food for Meals on Wheels...

  • 09.15.2018
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NPR Illinois: What Can Illinois Do Better with Budgeting?

Illinois government has some deep fiscal problems.  A backlog of unpaid bills, pension debt and a growing list of infrastructure needs.  The problems can be overwhelming, but there are some best practices that can be taken to improve the situation...

  • 09.07.2018
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New report from Paul Simon Public Policy Institute: The Politics of Public Budgeting in Illinois

The Politics of Public Budgeting in Illinois By John L. Foster and John S. Jackson Abstract This paper is about taxing, revenue and public budgeting in Illinois. The concept of public budgeting includes both the revenues raised by govern...

  • 09.07.2018
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WATCH-LISTEN: Election 2018 Seeking Fiscal Solutions Forum – Carbondale

WATCH-LISTEN: Election 2018 Forum Carbondale By SEAN CRAWFORD, LIZZIE ROEHRS , BEATRICE BONNER & NICE BOGDANOVICH • AUG 28, 2018 Illinois Issues Are Illinois residents able to re...

  • 09.07.2018
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WATCH-LISTEN: Election 2018 Seeking Solutions Forum Bloomington-Normal

WATCH-LISTEN: Election 2018 Forum Bloomington-Normal By SEAN CRAWFORD, LIZZIE ROEHRS , BEATRICE BONNER & NICE BOGDANOVICH • SEP 3, 2018 Illinois Issues What is the lasting ...

  • Elections 2018: Seeking Fiscal Solutions

    09/20/20186:00 pm - 7:00 pm
    I Hotel and Conference Center, Lincoln Room, 1900 South First Street, Champaign, IL

    Join AARP Illinois, NPR Illinois, Illinois Public Media and Illinois Issues for a Town Hall meeting in Champaign to share your story on how the fiscal crisis is impacting your community.

    Make sure your voice is heard. Stand up and share how Illinois’ prolonged fiscal crisis is impacting your life.

    The event is FREE – Call 1-877-926-8300 to RSVP or RSVP online here