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Heartland Alliance Blog: States’ Financial Grades Are in, and Illinois Has Failed Yet Again

  • 31.07.2018
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Truth in Accounting’s latest “Financial State of the States” rankings placed Illinois in 49th place—barely beating out New Jersey. The Prairie State was labeled a “Sinkhole State” and earned a “financial grade” of “F.”

If you’re wondering why Illinois earned such putrid marks, here are some of the state’s “highlights” from 2017: Illinois owes a mind-boggling $244.9 billion in outstanding bills and unfunded future liabilities. To put this in perspective, every current Illinois taxpayer would have to write a check for $50,000 to cover this colossal debt burden. Since the odds of Prairie State taxpayers sending an extra $50,000 to Springfield is highly unlikely, what does the economic future hold for the residents of Illinois?  Click here to read more


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