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NPR Illinois: Survey: Illinois Voters ‘Angry’ About State’s Fiscal Problems, Mismanagement

  • 30.10.2018
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The Illinois Capitol breathed a sigh of relief this summer when Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and the Democratic-controlled legislature agreed on a state budget. But most Illinois voters say they’re not sure the deal will solve the state’s $1.2 billion deficit and other fiscal woes. That’s according to a new survey of registered voters conducted by AARP Illinois.

Joe Woodward, an AARP volunteer from Springfield, said the survey results show the unsatisfaction in government, despite voter age. “[Voters] realize their taxes have already risen and know more is coming unless politicians put their constituents first and make the difficult political decisions needed to put Illinois on a path to restored fiscal health,” he said.

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One response to “NPR Illinois: Survey: Illinois Voters ‘Angry’ About State’s Fiscal Problems, Mismanagement”

  1. Harry Kritikos says:

    Its absolutely shameful and hypocritical that the people we elect are either incompetent or do not take their job serious to do what is right, yes we have prejudice lets get rid of it by first acknowledging it do not kick the can down the road it only gets worst, you don’t pass a budget then you pay for interest we cannot afford and so many other issues yes there are a lot of issues perhaps we cannot solve everything in one sitting and yes we the citizens are not there to listen to every meeting but that’s why we have you, you fought to get elected you got elected and in return we the citizens have failed to elect those that have the will and back bone to do what it takes to get the job right as painful as it will be to put the state in a path we can all breath easier, I have read from our fore fathers you serve your country to the best of your ability then you go back to whatever you were doing making a living not making a career out of politics and profiting by wasting precious resources and damaging our country, either do the job you were elected to or get out of the way enough is enough and for our citizens I say if you don’t care if you don’t vote if you see a wrong and you look the other way then this is what happens, so get out learn ask think listen vote call your representative and hold them accountable to do the job.

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