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SJR reports “Daiber suggests taxing retirement income to help pay for pensions”

  • 26.01.2018
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SJR reporter Brenden Moore writes on Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bob Daiber’s position to tax retirement income in Illinois.  AARP Illinois’ Director of Advocacy and Outreach Ryan Gruenenfelder responds how 89 percent of Illinois’ seniors oppose the taxation of retirement income.  To read the full SJR story, please click here.  To read the AARP Illinois 2015 state budget survey where the 50+ population overwhelmingly reject the taxation of retirement income, click here.



One response to “SJR reports “Daiber suggests taxing retirement income to help pay for pensions””


    I seriously oppose Mr. Daiber’s position on taxing social security and pension income for seniors to fund the pension shortfall which is due to governmental inactivity and actions. All the government does is postpone until their emergency becomes our crisis. Enough is enough.

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