State Journal-Register: House Democrats OK Pritzker’s graduated income tax plan

Propelled solely with Democratic votes, the Illinois House Monday approved a proposed constitutional amendment for a graduated state income tax.

By a  73-44 vote, the House approved the amendment for the November 2020 ballot when voters will be given a chance to scrap the state’s current flat income tax and replace it with a graduated tax where people with higher incomes will pay more.

The amendment, which needed 71 votes to pass the House, was a cornerstone of Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s campaign for the Governor’s Mansion and has been a key element of his agenda for his first five months in office.

“Today’s vote is a giant leap forward for the middle class and for those striving to get there,” Pritzker said at a post-vote news conference. “It’s about fairness and change and reform.”

Republicans and business groups said the vote is a blow to the state’s financial well being. The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association said a graduated income tax “will make it more difficult (for manufacturers) to grow and stay in Illinois.” The National Federation of Independent Business called it a “job-killing tax increase resolution.”

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