State Journal-Register: Progressive income tax discussions could begin next week

Just three months removed from the most expensive gubernatorial campaign in the nation’s history, divisive political ads could soon begin populating Illinois residents’ screens once again, this time relating to a “fair tax” — or a “jobs tax” — depending on whose ad is being seen.

At issue is Illinois’ income tax structure. The state Constitution allows lawmakers to set only a single, flat income tax rate regardless of income. It currently sits at 4.95 percent.

But Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker wants to adopt a “graduated” income tax structure which charges higher rates to higher income earners, an effort staunchly opposed by Republican lawmakers.

“Perhaps the fact that the heaviest burdens would fall on taxpayers like myself under a new fair tax system will convince many of you that I am proposing this path forward because I truly believe it’s what is best for Illinois,”

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